Maps and Directions

In this unit I'll show you a map, wich I will take as a reference to describe several adresses of diferent places, all of that in a conversation between two people. The conversation begun in Magpie street, not in Morshead Park

* Greg: Pardon me, can you tell me where am I?
* Susan: You are on Magpie Street, in front of the Historic Park.
* Greg: How can I get to Newington?
* Susan: Well, you go up on Magpie street to Grant Street, you cross left on Grant Street and head up to Eyre Street, then you follow straight to Pleasant Street, you will find newington on the right.
* Greg: Oh, thanks, can you tell me how do I get to the Hospital from Newington?
* Susan: Sure, go straight up throw pleasent street and cross right on Mair Street and there you´ll find it.

My Favorite singer's Biography

* What’s your full name?
Your full name is Luis Alfonso Rodríguez López

* Where and when the were born?
Born, april 15, 1978 in Puerto Rico

* What do the?
The is singer

* What are your achievements? (Abilities and talents)
their biggest ability and talent is to sing but he also dances
Fonsi and his family moved to Orlando Florida, during Fonsi's early childhood. Fonsi's childhood was relatively average for kids his age, beginning to dream about becoming a member of Menudo, arguably Latin America's most famous boy band in history, around the time he was ten years old.
Because of the air distance between his home in Orlando and Menudo's base back in Puerto Rico in particular, Fonsi was not able to achieve that particular childhood dream. He did, however, participate in many local boy bands, including one, Big Guys, where he met, and befriended, future *NSYNC member Joey Fatone. On April of that year, Fonsi had a brief return to the singing stage, when former Menudo Ray Reyes invited him and Lopez to a concert which was held at San Juan's Roberto Clemente coliseum. The press widely covered what El Vocero titled as Fonsi's moment as a Menudo, when he took the stage and joined the members of El Reencuentro to sing some of their old hits.
Fonsi's popularity has transcended ages and genres in Puerto Rico: industrialist Salvador Vassallo, for example, has told El Vocero that Fonsi is among his favorite singers.

Last Weekend

I talk about my last weekend ..!!

Yesterday I cleaned my room because I wanted . then I taked a shower .On saturday I visited to my best friend and later we to dance in her house . But I didn't stop because I liked to dance .

My Talent

In this lesson we studied about talents.

love cooking desserts, my favorite dessert is "pie of chocolate" , in all the special occasions of my family and my friends I prepare my delicious "pie of chocolate " to share with them to prepare them my recipe is very easy.



My name is Andrea Verareda but you can call me Andre. I'm from Maracaibo, originally. I’m 18 years old and I study accounting at URBE. I live in Maracaibo, in Bella Vista.

I love music , dancing, the beach, volleyball, talking on the phone with my friends, pizza, chocolate and my family.

I hate violence, war, injustice and washing the dishes.

My dream is to travel around the world, visit . Of course, I want to graduate from integral education School. she would adore to work in an important school and to buy a house, I also wanted to marry and to begin a family.

About English, I love to learn new languages. I think English is very important.


What's the matter?

Introduction: In this unit I talk about the health problems...

Dra Navas: Hi Maria how do you feel?
Andrea: I feel sick.
Dra Navas: Why. What' s wrong?
Andrea: well, I have a terrible stomachace.
Dra Navas: Why do you have a stomachace?
Andrea: Because I drank an ate to much yesterday.
Dra Navas: Well, make an appoiment and see you tomorrow there.


Recepcionist: Hello. How can I help you?
Andrea: Good morning I have an appoiment to day with the Doctora Navas.
Recepcionist: Ok What's your name?
Andrea: My name is Maria Isea.
Recepcionist: Let me check... That's right you have an appoiment at 3:00 pm, sit down a second please.
Recepcionist: ok you can come in now.
Andrea: Ok thank you
Dra Navas: Hi Maria how do you feel today?
Andrea: I still fell sick doctora. I'm still have a stomachache.
Dra Navas: Ok take these pills and call me tomorrow if you are still sick.
Andrea: Ok thank you very much

My Favorite Celebrations

Introduction : In this unit I talk abou My favorite celebrations. And Why Is my favorite celebrations..

My favorite celebration is chinita's day. This celebrations is in november 18th and I like very very much. I like this celebrations because i have some days of vacations and I go out with my friends every years.

The Food

Introduction: In this unit I talk about the food. the food that I like eat and the food thad I don' t like eat.

Very little: Yogurt, cereal, milk and vegetables.
Some: Apples, bananas, fish, and bread.
A lot of : Chicken, pasta, hamburger, beef and pizza.

Food I like: chocolate, chicken, hamburger, cheese, pizza, rice, potato chips, fish, beef, pasta and crakers.
Food I don't like: vegetable, milk and yogurt.

Food I eat that's good for me?
I eat a litle of: candy, chocolate, hamburger and pizza.
I eat some of: fruit, eggs, beans, milk, yogurt and chesse.
I eat a lof of: cereal, breat, vegetable, rice and noodles